Thursday, 13 March 2008

"No more homework!"

In the news today is a call from the ATL to ban homework in primary schools. Wow! Just think what this could mean... No more nagging... No more phone calls to parents regarding missing homework... Less marking... This could be a really good move. Sadly, as Year Six teachers, I don't think this news would ever affect us. I can't believe many primary schools would abandon homework in Year Six. Year Six is often seen as preparation for high school. "You'll get lots more homework in high school," is something often said to try to encourage children to bring in their homwork. I really don't believe that it's fair to go from no homework in Year Six to getting lots of homework in Year Seven.

A survey by ATL says that nearly all teachers say they set homework, despite scepticism about its value. Most teachers say school policy and parents require them to assign homework. But many children do not complete the homework set for them - 87% blame that on a lack of support at home.

Richard Row, head of Holy Triniy School at Guildford, Surrey, said he would happily vote to abolish homework but had been unable to persuade parents. "I genuinely think that if children of primary age are taught well and do a good day's work, there should be no need for homework. They should be allowed to have a childhood," he said.

This story should be interesting to watch as it develops.

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