Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Let's Grow and Box Tops

Believe me, as an ex-employee of Morrisons I know how tight they can be. Therefore I was very surprised that they are actually giving something away! The Let's Grow voucher scheme is the latest voucher scheme to hit the supermarkets, specifically aimed at squeezing every last penny out of their customers whilst making themselves look generous!

I sound a bit cynical but actually I'm all for these voucher schemes. I realise that it's a way to get free marketing and that the amount they actually give away compared to the amount they take in during the scheme doesn't sound particularly grand. But at least they are giving away something! It allows schools to get their hands on some useful freebies and it gives our Year Sixes some responsibilities (counting the vouchers). As a reward for their hard work counting the vouchers they help me to choose what we spend the money on. The lads love this role and they take great pride in telling others, "I chose that!"

Let's Grow from Morrisons allows schools to collect vouchers towards gardening tools and plants. I have also finally registered for Nestle's Box Tops for Books scheme. I don't mind giving a little free publicity if it means we get a few free donations!

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