Sunday, 23 May 2010

iPhone Apps

Since I upgraded to an iPhone in January my whole life has benefitted from the functionality of this fantastic gadget. My first instinct was to go app-crazy and download as many as I could. But after filling my phone with apps in a couple of weeks, I had to slim them down.

The following is a list of apps that have proved to have made the most difference in my lifestyle:

For some reason I could never quite take to the Google Calendar app on ths iPhone, but I have found this app to be much easier to use.

I never check Facebook on my laptop anymore, just on my phone.

My preferred Twitter client.

I know this one is free with the phone, but it is so convenient to just record quick reminders about things, school football match scores and other short messages. It's good that you can email the notes.

A really simple app that allows me to record my spending and to see my average daily expenditure. I wish that the app would be upgraded to show graphs of my spending, and the ability to set the expenditure to match with the dates that I am paid.

I adore this. It syncs with the website and is a great way to manage my tasks and to do list.

A basic, but handy, shopping list.

Quite possibly one of the best apps. It's hard to imagine an easier to use and more effective app for syncing files with different computers and your iPhone.

I like the way that I can add information on the computer and then access it on my iPhone. Brilliant!

I have always used Shazam to identify new tunes, but the iPhone app is simple to use and does it's job incredibly well. I also like the way that I can see where I was when I tagged the tune!

It's great to have full access to the Amazon store from my phone.

This great app works with Google Reader so I can read all of the blogs I subscribe to on my phone.

I use this app to record five things that I'm proud of each day.

I can view photos at my Flickr account, and my contacts using the Flickr app.

I'm experimenting with Tumblr at the moment. I think I want to use it to share resources and links. But I love the simplicity of the app.

This is a diary which also adds in my Flickr photos, and Facebook and Twitter updates.

Color Splash
In this app you can edit photos in a really clever way. You can turn the picture black and white and then colourise something you want to highlight.

Run Keeper
Perfect for recording the details of my running and cycling.

Love Flim
Used to choose the films we order.

Comic Twist
Add speech bubbles to your pictures!


RossA said...

Pocket Informant is also a superb calendar / pim and has full intergeation with Google calendar.

Have you tried the new Twitter app?

Great choice of apps though - very similar to mine! :-) going to try the others I don't have now!

Anonymous said...

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