Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A new primary in every town

The Chancellor has announced some interesting new initiatives in his pre-budget speech.

Every local authority will be given the cash to rebuild or completely renovate one primary school - but will face a whole raft of new targets. Education spending will rise 2.8% above inflation each year taking the budget to £75billion by 2010/11.

He added an extra £450million to the settlement for schools he outlined earlier this year, with an additional £200million to rebuild primaries and £250million to fund personalised learning.

As many predicted would happen under Gordon Brown, targets will be given for exam results, bullying, drug use, drinking and school meals. There are also targets covering toddlers at nursery. By 2011, ministers want 78% of 11-year-olds to achieve the expected standards in English and Maths.

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