Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Virtual Learning Platform

Today I attended a course where we were shown how to set up a Virtual Learning Platform for our school. The link will take you to my work very much in progress.

We are using UniServity. The company aims to provide schools with,
"An easy-to-use set of online teaching and learning tools for pupils, teachers and parents. Primary schools can create an ‘interactive playground’ in which pupils can take ownership of their own learning areas, participate in collaborative projects with other children all across the world, and become autonomous and empowered learners.

The cLc has enabled schools to produce the most innovative and inspiring examples of how a learning platform can transform the way a teacher teaches – and more importantly how your children learn!"

This really does look amazing. The possibilties are endless! I was sat at the course thinking, "Wow!" Then I quickly came back down to Earth when I remembered how much work will be involved setting the site up. It does look reasonably straightforward, just time consuming.

Has anyone else set up a VLP?

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