Monday, 17 December 2007

The Under-10s know what's important

The Daily Mail reports on a survey of children's thoughts carried out to mark National Kid's Day. Spokesman Patricia Murchie said: "The idea is to give preteens a national voice for their views in a very simple format. "This age group has some very clear ideas on how the world could be changed for the better but is very rarely given the opportunity to express them."

This is how the youngsters expressed their views:
What is the very best thing in the world: 1 Being happy. 2 Being famous. 3 Being healthy. 4 Being rich. 5 Families. 6 Good looks. 7 Nice food. 8 Friends. 9 Computer games. 10 Holidays.

What are the very worst: 1 Terrorists. 2 Drunks. 3 Being fat. 4 Bullies. 5 Illness. 6 Dying. 7 Divorce. 8 School. 9 Telling lies. 10 Wars.

Who is the most famous person in the world: 1 The Queen. 2 Harry Potter. 3 God. 4 Father Christmas. 5 Simon Cowell. 6 Jesus. 7 Jonny Wilkinson. 8 Spider-Man. 9 Prince William. 10 David Cameron.

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