Monday, 19 April 2010

It's a laughing matter...

During the inset day before Easter we enjoyed an introduction to Laughology workshop.

At Laughology, we are serious about humour. We want to put something positive into people’s lives in business, health and education. How? With a unique programme of tried and tested laughter and humour techniques. They improve everyone’s performance and productivity, health and well-being.
The Laughology model gives each individual a ‘tool-box’ of methods and models they can use to help them think and act positively. The tool box is transferable -- anyone can use it, anywhere! -- and it's sustainable, because it just goes on working. We work with public and private-sector organisations to enrich best practice.

The workshop really was funny and it made me think about the science behind laughter - what makes us laugh and why and what happens when we laugh.
I learned an interesting facts - babies and toddlers laugh up to 300 times a day. As adults we laugh up to 17 times a day (on average). When we laugh, the body releases endorphins. When they are released into the body, they cause a sense of well-being. They also act as analgesics - they can fight pain and make us feel better!
We also learned that we can increase our happiness if we follow the rules of FLIP:
Fake it - if you are feeling down, fake the body language used when we laugh;
Language - use positive language - be aware of the language you use;
Imagination - if you imagine something it will happen;
Pattern breaking - be aware of yours and other people's patterns.
"Life is too serious to be taken seriously"
Oscar Wilde
I guess this quote is easy to forget at times, but it reminds me how important it is to be happy and to enjoy life. Above all - laugh!

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