Thursday, 9 August 2007


Wow! I am really getting in to Heroes, the new TV programme on BBC2. As you will be aware I am a crazy Lost fan. I needed something to replace it. It turns out that Heroes is that programme.

We are now up to episode 4. Hiro and Aldo spent the episode cheating their way to winning money in Las Vegas. Until Hiro reappeared at the end to meet Peter Petrelli. A brilliant ending. We see more about Niki's alter-ego who meets up some bloke in a lift. She was forced to seduce Nathan Petrelli in order to get out of debt with Linderman. Claire's father spent the episode being creepy and hanging around with some mysterious guy who is told to 'go deep' as he touched a screaming Matt's head. Claire wakes up on the autopsy table, closes her rib cage and makes a run for it. After learning that the lad who tried to rape her in Episode 3 has done this before to another girl, she takes him for a drive and crashes into a wall on purposes. After waking up with Simone, Peter Petrelli went to visit Mohinder who wasn't altogether convinced that Peter was there with a genuine unusual ability. Peter says he only has powers around other people with special powers - Nathan and Isaac. He goes to visit Isaac but Isaac is high on drugs and painting more creepy pictures of the future.

Next week I will watch the BBC2 and the BBC3 episodes so that I don't miss out when we go to Majorca the week after next. I can't wait! (for the holiday and Heroes!)

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