Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Walk to school... or else!

The BBC explains that a report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy is suggesting that Exclusion zones should be set up around schools to force parents and children to walk to class.

The report blames over-use of cars for fuelling the "twin crises" of global warming and an obesity epidemic. Researchers found the amount of walking fell from two hours a week to just one when households started using a car. They say banning cars around schools would instil good habits early on and call for "concerted action". The IEEP study says that if people walked one more hour a week - the typical difference between those who own a car and those who do not - it could mean a reduction in average weight of up to two stone in a decade. And the additional walking could displace at least 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from cars.

As long as the ban doesn't apply to staff then I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with this!!

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