Saturday, 12 January 2008

Converting video

Just thought I'd give a quick tutorial in how to convert files from digital cameras into WMV format so that they can be used in Windows Movie Maker. My digital camera is a Samsung.
You will need a video converter. There are free versions on the internet, but I used one by Xilisoft. There is a free version, but if you want to convert files that are longer than 5 minutes, you'll need to buy the full version ($35 or about £25 including VAT). Open the program and select the files you wish to convert. Change the file destination and also the type of file you wish to create and then click on Encode.

The file will then be altered into a WMV file. This still can't be used, however, as it needs to be indexed. You'll then need some free software called Windows Media File Editor which is part of the Windows Media Encoder Package. If you open up the video in this program and then save it, the program will automatically index it.

You are then able to use the video in Windows Movie Maker.

Our Year Sixes are going to make a DVD of the school to form part of our new school prospectus.

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