Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Online school reports

The Daily Mail reports that our traditional school reports might soon become a thing of the past.

Labour is today calling for schools to introduce "real-time" assessment of pupils. Continuous online updates would allow parents to monitor their children's behaviour and academic progress throughout the term. They would be given passwords to access secure websites containing details of achievement, progress, attendance, behaviour and any special needs.

Schools will be required to update the information frequently - thought to be once a week or fortnight - while also maintaining personal contact with parents. They will still need to issue an annual summary report but a single document can no longer be the sole means of reporting progress.

The scheme is likely to be introduced into secondary schools within two years, and primaries within four.

However, there are fears that the scheme could open up a "digital divide" between families.
The computer-savvy and well-off may log on frequently while poorer and less technologically minded parents will have to do without the service. So-called "helicopter" parents - who hover over their child's every move - could also use the system to heap more pressure on their offspring.

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