Friday, 4 July 2008

Another 'Balls' up?

The Daily Mail reports that Schools are to be judged on how they improve children's 'wellbeing' by tackling obesity, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. Teachers will be expected to monitor and record up to 31 detailed aspects of their pupils' lives at home and at school.

Headteachers criticised the new guidance, saying that schools cannot be held responsible for the 'ills of all society'. And education experts accused the Government of meddling in the work of schools and expecting teachers to do the work of parents and social workers.

The controversial plans come as Children's Secretary Ed Balls launches a clampdown on hundreds of 'coasting' schools that are not doing enough to raise standards. He is introducing new legal powers that will force complacent local authorities to take action, even against schools that have good exam results but are not displaying sufficient progress year-on-year.

In addition, the Government is planning to introduce 'strong school level indicators' that will measure how much the country's primaries and secondaries are contributing to pupils' well-being.

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