Sunday, 13 July 2008

Shakespeare for all ages and stages

"Shakespeare for all ages and stages" is a booklet published by the DCSF. It aims to enhance the educational experience of Shakespeare for young people by providing a map of opportunities for lifelong learning and pleasure in his work. It supports progression by ensuring that each year and Key Stage builds on what has gone before and helps to prepare for what follows.

The booklet includes a framework of opportunities, suggesting significant experiences in Shakespeare from Key Stage to Key Stage, as well as yearly learning objectives linked closely to the National Strategies' Frameworks. It contains suggested teaching approaches designed to help teachers deliver learning objectives in lively and engaging but manageable ways. They exemplify active, imaginative and participatory approaches related, where possible, to whole Shakespeare plays.

It offers teachers – from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to post-16 – ideas for working with Shakespeare's stagecraft and language as well as ways in to the historical and theatrical contexts in which he worked.

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