Tuesday, 15 July 2008

SATs results

Hopefully you have received your SATs results today. I believe that some schools haven't.

We did receive ours. I am pleased with the results and the children have done well.

But I'd be interested to know how our results compare with others'.

In Maths, our Level 5 results are down, compared to last year, as are our Science results.

In English, our reading results are about the same as last year's (despite what I thought was a harder paper), but our writing results are up -massively. We had two children who received 50 out of 50, and several who only lost a couple of points in writing. Our top score in English was 96%! Now, I wouldn't ever want to detract from our pupils' achievements, but I am very surprised that anyone could score such high marks!

Well done children!

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