Monday, 18 June 2007

Let's Bike Cycling

Today we began our cycle training with our Year Sixes.

We use Cheshire's 'Let's Bike' cycle training scheme. It is okay, but I believe there's a new scheme called Bikeability or something similar which might be worth looking into.

All the training is done off-road on our school playground. It teaches the children how to start and stop correctly, how to do an emergency stop. It shows them how to overtake parked vehicles and make left turns. We also look at how to do the walking right turn.

The children really enjoy it and it is a great project to do after SATs.

Due to our school being on a rather dangerous road, our governors won't allow the children to come to school on bikes. However, after completing the course (which includes the practical sessions and a theory element), we will allow our Year Sixes to ride on their bikes with parental supervision.

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