Friday, 1 June 2007

May's Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in May's poll. 31 votes were cast in total.

You were asked to show which SATs papers were the most challenging for the children this year.

By an overwhelming majority, the English Long Writing Task was voted most challenging. 51.6% of the voters thought this was tough. It wasn't an easy paper in terms of getting the tone right. I did think, though, that the content of the writing was at least something the children were aware of.

  1. English Long Writing Paper 51.6%
  2. Maths Paper B (Calculator) 38.7%
  3. English Reading Paper 35.5%
  4. Science Paper B 25.8%
  5. English Spelling Test 22.6%
  6. English Short Writing Paper 16.1%
  7. Science Paper A 12.9%
  8. Maths Mental Test 9.7%
  9. Maths Paper A (Non-calculator) 9.7%

Some interesting results there...

This month I'd like to find out how often people teach English and Maths, on average, AFTER the SATs.

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