Friday, 22 June 2007

Wistonia University

One of the reasons that I haven't been posting much recently is because I have spent so much time planning something which I think is really exciting - Wistonia University.

Wistonia University is a brilliant way to bring the children, staff and community together to share skills and interests. The idea is that staff and volunteers run a course in something that they have a skill or have an interest. The children choose which courses they'd like to attend and then they are allocated a course from their top three. The courses will have a mixture of children from Year Three to Year Six. The intention of the courses is that they should be vocational - to give the children a skill they can use in the future.

All in all there are 25 course on offer: advertising, bricklaying, cake decorating, card making, clothes designing, dancing, floristry, hair styling, knitting, Italian, model painting, Paper crafts, Photo Story, Plant propagation, preparing a three-course mea, speech and drama, sports coaching, teaching, textiles, upholstery designing, water safety and basic first aid and woodwork.

I was really proud today to see Wistonia University in action. The adults were all pleased to be working with such a mix of pupils, delivering a course in something which isn't always possible to teach in the normal curriculum. The children enjoyed making friends in different year groups and learning something different.

If anyone is interested, I will put the Prospectus in the downloads section so you can have a look!

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