Monday, 9 July 2007

Grow a Pound Week

Today we launched our Grow a Pound Week in Year 6.

The children have each been given a pound by the Friends of the School to form their own businesses. They have a week to 'grow' their pound into something more. The money they make will be used to pay for a leavers' treat and also to buy a gift for the school - a sort of legacy. Last year the children raised £400 which was raised on bouncy castles and ice creams for the Year Sixes and a bench for the school.

They were allowed to form companies of up to 4 people (so they would have £4 instead of just a pound). Last week they had to carry out market research to find out what people thought about their idea for a business. They then had to prepare a business plan and a presentation to give in a whole school assembly. The presentations often included PowerPoint slideshows but sometimes they included sketches, demonstrations or question and answer sessions.

Over the weekend the children went out to spend their pounds on prizes and materials. Today they arrived in school armed with cakes, biscuits and lots of other items ready to launch their stalls. The stalls are held each lunch time for a week. Of course the rain made it difficult today and the stalls were forced to go inside.

The children love this chance to show their entrepreneurship. I will keep you up-to-date with how much they grow their pounds.

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