Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Milldale - A River Study

Would you believe it? The only day that it hasn't rained and we had rearranged our river study to take place that day! The weather did us a favour for the first time this year!!

Considering we only made the decision to have the visit yesterday the day went surprisingly well!

At 7.30 this morning I was putting up signposts to help parents to find the Scout Camp, and adding orienteering clues and notices for where activities were due to take place.

The bus took us to Milldale at 1.15 (taking a very long way round). Once there, the children were placed into groups whilst safety points were discussed.

The children were going to take these activities: orienteering around the grounds, poetry writing, a tree study (finding the height and age of the trees), sketching, investigating the speed of flow and finally studying the depth of the river and discussing erosion and deposition.

The children learned a lot about rivers and had a great day. I spend the whole afternoon in the river working with children on the last activity. It was cold but really good fun (apart from when I slipped and fell)!

We hadn't arranged transport to get home as we organised a barbecue and invited all the parents. So at 5.45pm parents began to arrive and an enjoyable day ended with a great chance for parents to chat and have something to eat.

After a mad panic to organise everything I thing we did a good job. The children (and parents) really enjoyed themselves so it was worth it!

And guess what! As I was driving home, it began to rain!

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