Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Evacuee Day

Today we arranged an Evacuee Day for our Year Sixes. This was the end to our focus on World War Two.

This has been such a fantastic topic. The children have been so interested in every aspect and it has provided us with a great focus for our English work on journalistic writing and stories with flashbacks.

All the children dressed up as war-time evacuees. The creativity and imagination shown by the children (and parents!) in creating their costumes was astounding and we were so proud of their efforts.

The first activity of the day was to enter the billeting office where we had arranged for TAs to 'pick' the children they wanted to stay with them. This was really good fun! Next, they planned their evacuation suitcases - one for 1940 and once for 2007. Although, of course, the items packed would be completely different, there were similarities, for example, the inclusion of games. We arranged for a war-time evacuee to come in to speak to the children about his experiences and to answer their questions. At lunchtime we had a war-time themed lunch available for the children, with such delicacies as 'Churchill's Corned Beef Hash' and 'Evacuees Macaroni Cheese'. After lunch the children sent a postcard home to their parents and we ended the day by dancing the Jitterbur.

I would highly recommend the idea of an evacuee day to anyone. The children loved it and gained so much from it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm currently working as a HLTA and studying Carrie's War with year 5/6. This sounds a fantastic idea that I will bear in mind for the end of the year.