Thursday, 15 November 2007

Ice Cream Van Factory Visit

Today we took the children to visit Whitby Morrison Specialist Vehicles in Crewe - aka The Ice Cream Van Factory. Whitby Specialist Vehicles was founded in 1962 by Bryan Whitby as a manufacturer of soft ice cream machinery and one-off custom vehicle bodywork. Today it produces, the manage estimates, 95% of the world's ice cream vans. Every vehicle is custom made to the buyer's requirements and some are shipped as far away as Spain, Italy and Australia!! Just this month the company was voted Business of the Year 2007 by the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce.

The company are currently trying hard to promote links with schools. This led to our headteacher arranging a visit to the factory.

Now I understand that people might be put off by the risk assessment, but the visit was superb. We saw every stage of the construction process, the way that the graphics are added, and looked at ice cream vans through the ages.

The day ended with an ice cream which the children were allowed to pour themselves from the ice cream van! What a day!

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