Friday, 23 November 2007

Fox Howl, Delamere

Today I returned from a Year Three residential visit to Fox Howl Outdoor Education Centre, Delamere. Fox Howl is the perfect place to take the Year Threes - it's not too far from school and it allows the children to try lots of activities that they don't normally try in school.

On Thursday they went on a nature walk, looking for signs of wildlife in the forest. We then tried some orienteering challenges, firstly within the centre, and then one on a larger scale in a safe part of the forest. In the evening we took the children on a night walk and when we returned toasted marshmallows on the bonfire!

On Friday we built dens and then took part in a trekking and trailling activity in the forest.

A brilliant time was had by all!


Andrew Ross said...

Did the ranger have his dog with him? Last time we went he was saying the H&S were trying to stop him bringing his dog on the walks!

Anonymous said...

sorry, but I completely disagree with foxhowl being the perfect place for year 3. I have done this trip more than 20 times over the last few years and I am amazed that there has not been an accident during the large orienteering. The one within the grounds is adequate for 7/8 year olds but the big one is too open to the public with no barrier to the main road. Recently we found 2 boys walking along the main road trying to find their way back. I feel very uncomfortable letting the children run around the forest unattended. I am not a killjoy but I would never have let my own kids do it unatteded at such a young age. Many people agree with me on this but are afraid to say incase they are branded trouble makers. We brought a student with us this time and she could not beleive the children were being allowed to do this.

Anonymous said...

I have taken year two pupils to fox howl for the last six years. We have always carried out the orienteering activity both within the grounds and the larger woods. The children are well supervised as we split the children into small groups with an adult in each group and work round the course separately in our groups. The children love it. It is a fantastic experience for them and as usual we shall be taking he year 2 children again this year.

Anonymous said...

my son has just gone in year 3 and we were all sat down in school and told what was happening the children will be well looked after and im sure they will be safe all phone numbers were taken on both sides i have every trust in the school

Anonymous said...

I went to Fox Howl as a year 3 about 10 years ago; if it's anything like it was it's a fantastic trip for children and we learnt so much! It's be great to see it again from adult eyes sometime!