Friday, 29 February 2008

Political correctness is spoiling childhoods

The Daily Mail reports that parents believe political correctness and bureaucratic red tape are ruining childhood. A Government survey has found that children's education is being fundamentally damaged and communities undermined by ludicrous rules and the "everyone must have prizes" mentality. This has led to school sports days being cancelled because the grass is wet, and pupils being sent home for wearing the cross of St George in case it offends other children. Talented pupils are not praised or encouraged and are paired with "klutzes" in school plays and dance classes as part of policies to include every child.

Parents blame schools, local education authorities and the Government for the "political correctness gone mad". But they say childhood is also being damaged by growing materialism and the celebrity culture.

The findings come in a report, Childhood Wellbeing, which was commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families after a recent Unicef study found British children were among the unhappiest in Europe.

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