Monday, 11 February 2008

Time Management tips

I plan for this post to re-surface occasionally as I will add to it if I acquire any more time management tips. Please feel free to add comments with ideas.

  1. Give yourself an evening cut-off point. The best-planned lesson will be terrible if you are too tired to deliver it - better to be alert enough to improvise.
  2. Balance your day so you have a mixture of lessons that demand a lot of teacher input and lessons that are more student-led.
  3. Check your pigeonhole twice a day, respond to emails quickly, don't ever miss a meeting and always be early for lessons.
  4. Use your day effectively - don't waste PPA time and lunchtimes.
  5. Set up your classroom for your next lesson before you go for a break.
  6. When marking work, put it in a rough order first, and work backwards. If you start with the A* pupils it will only get depressing.

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