Friday, 8 February 2008

Results shouldn't be everything

Bill Ball was head at new Manton Primary in Nottinghamshire. His work was praised by the NCSL and has wonderful support from parents and the community. When he took over the school was the worst-ranked primary in England.

Unfortunately he has now resigned because, although they have doubled since 2004, the school's SATs results still place the school sixth from bottom in the league tables.

The chief executive of the NCSL, Steve Munby, praised Mr Ball for his work in rebuilding the community. But John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, said, "Maybe it needs a new headteacher, maybe new governors, maybe new funding, maybe all three - but it is not acceptable for a school to consistently underperform."

Whilst I appreciate that SATs results are important as a measure of progress, surely a primary school head has to develop the whole child and it plays a role in structuring the community. It's just like a football manager - results can't improve overnight. Allow the headteacher a few years to build firm foundations for lasting success.

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