Thursday, 8 May 2008

Parents evenings - waste of time?

The Guardian reports that parents are increasingly turning their backs on traditional parents' evenings and would prefer more informal contact with schools to learn about their children's progress. Rather than an evening a term queueing for a five-minute chat with teachers, parents want more frequent access, or to monitor their children's progress online, according to research commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

The research finds that only half of parents report feeling very involved in their children's education, with their working lives being the number one barrier to helping with homework.

The children's secretary, Ed Balls, publishing the research, said: "We know parents are increasingly involved in their child's education - and want to do even more. But for many it's a difficult balancing act to juggle work, childcare and quality family time and still be able to help their children with homework and keep track of how their child is doing at school. Parents tell us they like having informal contact with their child's school - whether that's a chat in the playground or the chance to go online and see their teenager's latest marks and make sure they are going to all their classes."

Parent evenings would always have a role but schools should keep up to date with what parents want, he said.

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