Sunday, 11 May 2008

Year Six Gladiators Ready!

Well, several weeks of SATs revision now completed, we all wait to find out what challenges will face the children next week.

The Science tests are usually fairly predictable in what will come up. It all depends on how much mathematical knowledge is required to read the tables and graphs in the questions.

The children have plenty of experience of the types of questions in the Maths papers. Now all they need to do is hold their nerve.

As for the English tests, the revision is mostly irrelevant. We have all tried to guess what the writing tasks will be, but I'm certain that the test setters will simply pick a type of writing out of thin air, rather than choose a type that the children have a lot of experience of.

Now that the revision is all over we can get back to enjoying lessons and teaching new stuff!!

Good luck to every year six pupil, and fingers are crossed for every year six teacher!

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