Monday, 5 May 2008

Sweets go sour...

The TES reports that parents have criticised staff who use sweets to reward pupils. Apparently the practice is common in about a quarter of state primaries, despite healthy schools being one of the big focuses at the moment.

Aound 3/4 of the 2581 parents who answered a survey on Netmums, a parenting website, said they thought it was a bad idea, and that it contradicted recent healthy eating drives. The same number said they would also prefer teachers to use other rewards.

Nutritionists and eating disorder specialists also warn about the dangers of associating food with good behaviour or academic achievement. Children who believe they only deserve treats when they have been good will feel guilty eating sweets when they do not feel they deserve them. Such guilt can lead to secret eating or disordered eating habits, nutritionists say.

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