Friday, 23 May 2008

Transition for high school

The TES magazine reported on some of the methods of preparing Year Six pupils for the transition up to high school.

"It's busier than the rest of the year," says Ruth Kirkup, assistant head and Year 6 teacher at Dallow Junior School in Luton, Befordshire. "This idea that SATs have finished and that's it is wrong. But it is a good time."

The activities included teaching pupils how to tie a tie and preparing schoolbags, both vital skills in many high schools.

Other primaries cram in extra school trips, a creative arts week, an enterprise challenge, a show, a leavers' assembly and, increasingly, a school prom.

Lessons continue, with some schools using transitional units that pupils complete early in Year 7, some continue themes from earlier in the year, while others do entirely new work, or ensure any remaining gaps are plugged before the pupils move on.

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