Sunday, 2 September 2007

New year, new challenges

Well I can't believe the "Summer" is over. I think we've had about two days of sunshine in the last five weeks. I wonder how many people completed all those jobs we'd planned to do in the holidays. I know I haven't. I've done lots of them. I guess that five weeks sounds like a long time at the beginning. But by the end you really could do with one more week...

I have been in school 8 days over the holidays. I've mostly been tidying up my classroom after a hectic final term. I've also put up a few displays (I will try to get some photos online soon) and prepared for the new class.

As from tomorrow our school is a primary school due to our amalgamation with our infant school. There are bound to be many challenges of bringing the schools together. I am a little anxious about what we have to do this year but also really excited! It will be so different. I will be teaching 3 and 1/2 days each week and so thinks will feel strange.

For any one out there that is reading Year Six Teacher blog rest assured that I will continue to write about news, ideas and lots of random things that I find interesting. I thank anyone who reads the site especially anyone who leaves comments.

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