Sunday, 16 September 2007

ICT Blogging Plans



End product:



To produce a blog website

A blog website with photos, videos and text

In this project the children will be setting up a live website and so they will need to be given a code of conduct for using the sites appropriately. All passwords and usernames must be recorded so that any unsuitable material can be taken down immediately.


Learning Intention & Success Criteria

Targeted support for the lesson

Activity and Differentiation


New teaching

Main Activity


Learning Intention:

We Are Learning To use email

Success Criteria:

I can send an email and have an online chat

A code of conduct must be discussed with the children regarding use of email and websites. Explain that all email address accounts must be only used in school and websites can only added to in school. Any offending material must be removed immediately.

  • The children should go to and create an email account. They should enter their username and passwords into a Word document so that we have a record. Usernames should take the form "wclpsjohnc"
  • The children will be given the email address of the teacher (not their personal account, of course!) and be asked to send the teacher instructions of how they opened their email account. This will then be printed to go into their ICT book.
  • The children should send emails to each other and use the chat facility to speak to another member of the class.

Remind the children about the code of conduct. Look at the Learning Intention for the lesson and decide whether they have achieved it.

Teacher's email account

Learning Intention:

We Are Learning To set up a blog

Success Criteria:

I can set up a website

Explain that the children are going to create a blog. 'Blog' is short for 'web log' which is like an online diary. It can be used for all sorts of things – you don't just have to use it like a diary.

Show the children the example of UK Music Review. The more original the idea, the better.

  • The children will go to They will create a new blog account. Once again, the log in details must be recorded.
  • Before any new posts are added, we need to work on the layout. Go to customize and template to do this.
  • The children should add a short description to explain what their blog is about.
  • Click on add a page element. The children should add a picture of the school or a picture of a hero.
  • They should add a newsreel to show news related to the content of their blog or about their favourite football team.
  • They should add a video reel for the same thing.

The children should share their blogs so others can see.

List of ideas for blogs

Learning Intention:

We Are Learning To add posts with text pictures and videos

Success Criteria:

I can add posts to my blog

  • Discuss what the first blog post should be about.
  • Demonstrate how to add a post. The children need to know how to change font size and colour and how to spell check.
  • The children should add their first post to their blog.
  • Demonstrate how to add a picture to a post. The children should add a picture to their second blog post.
  • The children should be shown how to add a video to their blog. They can choose from a selected set of videos. They should add a video to their third post.

Again, allow the children to look at each other's blogs.

Carefully selected videos

Learning Intention:

We Are Learning To add lists to a blog

Success Criteria:

I can add a list to my blog

  • Show the children how to add a list of links to their website
  • The children should add a list of links to their favourite websites.
  • The children should add a Top 10 list to their website.

The children should add comments to other people's blogs.


Luke said...

How much more interesting and relevant for Year 6 than the current homogenised and outdated QCA rubbish!

I hope it goes well for you.

Luke (Teachinglinks)

RossA said...

Like this a lot - do you have it as a file to download James? I'll put a link to it during the week if that's ok.


Melissa said...

This is an excellent lesson idea. Do you have a place to download the whole file?