Sunday, 9 September 2007

One week gone already

Doesn't time fly! One week has gone already. My Lucozade addiction is in full swing and it's like we've never been off!

The amalgamation of our junior and infant schools has been interesting so far. Of course, the county would have you believe that amalgamating a schools is all about improving standards by having an consistent education all the way through primary school. In reality, everyone knows it's to save money. Their support has been poor and they seem to have the idea that the amalgamation will just happen without any problems. They go on about the educational benefits and I understand these. What they don't make you fully aware of and don't really provide any where near enough support for is pretty much everything else.

For instance school dinners. Our poor Year Sixes have been left with 5-10 minutes to eat their dinner whilst everyone gets used to providing dinners to around 240 children. The logistics of bringing the infants over to the junior building are difficult. What about the admin? New letterheads and the least of the problems. How about a telephone system that won't work? Computers that do not have the same data? Not being able to order things properly because the new school 'doesn't exist'? The massive operation to give out the new uniform will go on for a few more weeks yet (and that's without the new ties which haven't arrived yet!)

So far its been good fun but very chaotic. I have to give my first ever assembly to the infants on Tuesday! I am quite nervous!

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