Friday, 28 September 2007


A report in the TES describes the way that staffrooms are not used the same any more.

Their survey that more than half of teachers spend less time in the staffroom than they used to. Many said they are too busy with planning, clubs and break duties. Sound familiar?

Others complained that the staffroom is more like a workroom, with desks and internet connections that distract from banter and relaxation. Some were even forbidden from eating lunch there. Of 5000 teachers, TAs and head surveyed, 44 did not even have their own central staffroom.

80% of people interviewed said that they visited the staffroom at least once a day, with half saying they went to chat. Some said it was important to go to a 'management free' zone where they could escape from pupils for a few brief moments. 72% of heads said they spend less time in staffrooms than they used to.

The new staffroom in our school isn't finished yet. We plan to turn it into a staffroom without any clutter, resources or computers. We are going to try to ensure it remains a room for the staff, where they can relax and switch off. We will have a separate PPA room for staff to work without distractions.

Has anyone else got any thoughts about this survey?

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