Thursday, 26 April 2007


Well, this is the week our school has been waiting for... Tomorrow the Head for the newly amalgamated school is appointed.

Our Head, although, of course, he is Acting Head, has been absolutely inspirational for the last two years. After working alongside teaching in Year Six, it has been incredible to watch such a dynamic person leading the school so strongly. He has brought together a staff, making every person feel valued - the children, teachers, TAs, clerical staff, midday assistants, cooks and caretakers. He has made the school more involved in the community. The revolutionary changes he has made include building a new front entrance to the school, revamping our office, building allotments, arranging for an outdoor classroom, a butterfly garden and new PE storage areas. He has scrutinised planning to see that we all plan in the same way, brought in a new reading scheme, improved our writing results, introduced a new residential to Year Three, arranged for the Year Six visit to France and numerous other wonderful changes.

He truly deserves the job as Head of the new school and I'm sure he will relish the opportunity to bring the two schools together.

Once this decision is made the rest of us can begin to finally understand what our position will be in the new school.

Good luck tomorrow GP!

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