Friday, 20 April 2007

The Apprentice 2007 Episode 4 'Sugar Rush'

A very enjoyable episode. We are beginning to learn more about the team members, and there are one or two that don't seem to be as good as others. Both teams made poor decisions this week.

The task was to design, manufacture and sell sweets at London Zoo. Ghazal's team made bags of fudge and chocolate lollies, but very, very slowly. In fact they didn't manage to produce enough sweets. Ghazal remained positive and was in fact not that bothered that she didn't have enough. Their sweets sold really well in the park - so well that they'd sold out by mid-afternoon. They seemed pleased to be able to go home and relax, but Sir Alan was surely not going to be impressed.

Adam's team decided to make chocolate lollies and hard-boiled lollipops decorated with hundreds and thousands. Despite their natural flavourings, this meant the lollipops were definitely not natural. They worked late into the night - much to moaning Sophie's disgust - and made tonnes of sweets to sell. After cocking up the location of their stall (why can't any of this year's contestants find good locations to sell?) the team decided to dress up in animal costumes to sell their sweets. This didn't seem to sell more lollies, just make children cry. They found themselves in trouble when the zoo's Commercial Director told the team to stop selling the lollies as Natalie wrote the label incorrectly as Natural Lollies instead of Tiger Lollies. They had to cross out the word 'natural' on all the labels. Why would anyone buy them? Sophie, in the meantime, looked embarrassed as she tried to sell the lollies.

In the boardroom the results revealed that Ghazal's team won by just £10. Adam took Sophie and Natalie back into the boardroom. Adam could have gone due to his lousy people skills and his poor selling. Natalie could have gone for making the lolly labels incorrectly. But in the end Sophie was fired (hooray!) as she said she didn't like selling products that she did not believe was value for money. Sir Alan told her to stop being so naive as the pharmaceutical industry, in which Sophie's background lies, have been doing that for years. Again Sir Alan made the right decision. Sophie's miserable face, negative attitude and very mediocre effort has been letting teams down throughout the series. She should have gone due to the 200 litres of milk incident in episode 1.

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