Monday, 23 April 2007

Lost Season Three Episode 17 'Catch-22'

Another brilliant episode. It's brilliant to watch how many links Desmond has with other characters and coincidence (or fate??) regarding the island.

On the island we see Kate become jealous of Jack and Juliet. Sawyer seems to know she is jealous too. Sawyer mentions Bernard - so he is still alive! Where is he?!

Desmond's flashbacks show how he left his fiance to become a monk. After becoming depressed and drinking a bottle of wine from the monestry (they only produce 108 bottles a year (4+8+15+16+23+42)) he is sacked. Just as he is about to leave he bumps into Penny...

Back on the island, Desmond has a vision. It leads him to organise a 'camping trip' in which he thinks he finds Penny. He tells Charlie that everything has to happen the way he saw it in his vision. He sets off with Charlie, Hurley and Jin. They discover the cable (the one that Sayid and Hurley found in Season 1), they see the flashing beacon, find the rucksack and find the photo of Desmond and Penny inside the book. The next part doesn't happen the way he saw it. In his vision, Charlie died. In real life he saves Charlie. If things change, is that why he discovers the parachutist only to find it is not Penny after all, or was it never Penny to begin with? Whoever they discover, the girl who crash landed from the helicopter opens her eyes and says, "Desmond." Who is it!! In a wierd connection, they find a Brazilian copy of Catch-22 in her backpack. Of course in Brazil they speak Portuguese - the same language as spoken by the two men at the end of Season 2.

Just when I thought we were finally going to find out that Penny's search for Desmond was about to pay off we are left with yet another character. Who on Earth is she, and how does she know Desmond?

There are five episodes remaining in Season Three. The next episode features a Sun and Jin flashback, then Locke, then Ben (!), then Charlie and the season finale is all about Jack!! I can't wait!

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RossA said...

Love the bit where Sawyer asks if Kate and Jack where chatting about 'which other is their favourite'