Thursday, 12 April 2007

Ban skirts in the playground

The Daily Mail reports (10/4/2007) Girls should be made to wear trousers and trainers in the playground to tackle rising levels of obesity, a study suggests.

Academics from Goldsmiths College, London, observed children playing at two primary schools. They found that girls became less active as they became older, partly because it would be perceived as more feminine. The report said: 'In Year Five, most of the girls are still running around. But by the time they get into Year Six they have stopped moving and stand around and chat.' They noticed that impractical shoes and skirts deter girls from playing energetic games at breaktime.

I must admit, I have noticed that Year Six girls are usually the ones who like to stay in to do jobs rather than go outside to play!

Have any schools decided to ban skirts? Have any schools made trainers compulsory at play time?

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