Monday, 30 April 2007

Lost Season Three Episode 18 'D.O.C.'

Another great episode! The writers of the show are clearly going all out to end the season with a bang. Once again we learn a couple of answers but left with more questions... This time we find out some important information regarding Sun and Jin.

In the flashback we see how a strange woman threatens Sun. She demands $100000 to stop her from revealling that Jin's mother is a prostiture. Sun visits Jin's father and he tells her to keep that she knows his parents are alive a secret. Sun respects his wishes and asks her father for a loan of the money. He agrees but says that Jin must now work for him in order to pay the debt. So that's why he had to do it! Sun gives the money to the lady who it turns out is Jin's mother!

Sun learns what happens to pregnant women on the island. She goes with Juliet to the Staff medical station to take an ultrascan to confirm the D.O.C. (Date of Conception). Sun is worried that if the baby was conceived off the island then she will not die, but the baby will not be his. If the baby was conceived on the island then it is Jin's baby... but she will die. The baby is revealled to be Jin's and so this means that at some point Sun must die! They can't kill her off!

Before she leaves the medical station Juliet leaves a tape recorded message for Ben to say that she is collecting samples from all the women including Austen (Kate). Does this mean that Kate could be pregnant too due to the island's incredible ability to improve a man's sperm count fivefold?

The gang try to rescue the parachutist when Hurley accidently sets off a flare! Suddenly Mikhail the Russian who we presumed died a few episodes back appears. Once again the island's healing properties seem to have paid off! He tries to run away but eventually agrees to help save the girl as long as they let him go. He treats her and tells Charlie that she will heal within 24 hours. He tries to steal her satellite phone, but Jin catches him.

The girl wakes up and speaks to Hurley, this time in English (she has already spoken Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese). She asks who they are. He tells her that they are the survivors of Oceanice flight 815. She says that's impossible as the plane was found and there were no survivors - everyone was dead. Hurley sums up the entire show in one word: "What?"

This can't be right. Does this mean that all those theories about an alternative universe are right? I hope not, I don't like the idea. Hopefully it means that there has been yet another cover up to stop anyone finding the real survivors.

Next week it's Locke's flashback. I believe that the flashback is all on the island and that we find out what's going on with his dad. My money's on Locke's dad being the conman who conned Sawyer's parents back in Season One.

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