Thursday, 12 April 2007

Display: Why do we use computers?

Here is a display I prepared in school this week. I wanted a stimulating ICT display for our new Multimedia Suite. In the end I decided to go for a display which gave all the different uses for computers! It took me ages, but I think I came up with loads!
The display will be used to help me to re-develop the new school's ICT scheme of work. So many things - important ICT skills - are missing from the QCA scheme of work. For example - blogging, Wikipedia, data logging, downloading music and flash animatings are all important developments that didn't really kick off until after the QCA schemes were written.
Wikipedia came under fire yesterday when Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, encouraged pupils to use the online encyclopaedia to research school work. The Daily Mail (11/4/2007) focused on the fact that users can edit any article and many edits have added false information. The paper might be right as some muppets do make some ridiculous additions to the site. However, Wikipedia is a wonderful resource. You could use the site with the children to identify fact and opinion. Children can prepare a page about their own school. Children could use it to research and develop a page about their town or village - to reinforce local history studies. The opportunity to share knowledge that Wikipedia provides is unique.
I will add the information and the pictures for the display to the resources section.

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