Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Applying for Deputy Head Teacher

In case I haven't explained myself properly, our situation in school is currently one of complete change. In September our school is due to amalgamate with the infant school which is also on the same site. Despite the two schools being very close, we have operated as completely different entities and there hasn't been enough integration over the years.

As part of Cheshires TLC (Transforming Learning Communities, not the nice abbreviation) it was decided that the schools should be joined together as one. This was decided two years ago, when our previous head teacher retired. Our Acting Head, in the meantime, has been superb and taken the school forward in a huge way. In February the Head at the Infants left to become head teacher in another school. The governors of the schools left it very late, however, to take action. At the end of April, interviews were held to appoint the head teacher of the new school. This was a difficult time as we wanted our Acting Head to get the job, but it wasn't going to be certain. In the end we had our wish and he was appointed head of our new school.

The next appointments must be the Deputy Heads. For the last year I have been the Acting Deputy Head in the junior school. There is also a Deputy in the infants (who is currently Acting Head - this is so complicated to explain). We are both being asked to apply for two Deputy Head posts in the new school.

Despite there being a feeling that the jobs will be ours, the position is still advertised and we have to undergo a full application process.

I spent this evening putting the finishing touches to my letter of application and my application form. I actually enjoyed writing the letter. It made me feel proud of all the things I've achieved in school. I wasn't too keen on the application form - it took a long time to fill in.

If my application is successful my interview will be on Friday...

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