Sunday, 20 May 2007

Lost Season Three Episode 21 'Greatest Hits'

You can't kill Charlie off! He's one of my favourite characters! I've had a feeling that Charlie was going to be killed off. It wasn't just Desmond's premonitions - I thought they might be a red herring. But once I saw Charlie's flashback was going to be the one before the finale I thought he was bound to die. But to my surprise - he wasn't. At least not today.

We learn Charlie's greatest hits - the top five moments of his life.
5: The first time I heard myself on the radio.
4: Dad teaching me to swim at Butlins.
3: The Christmas Liam gave me the ring.
2: A woman outside Covent Garden calls me a hero (incidentally, the woman is Nadia, the love of Sayid's life).
1: The day I met you [Claire].

Jack led a group of survivors inland. He explains that he knew that the Others were coming for them and had arranged for Danielle to help them. She sets off an explosive to show what their plan involves.
Sayid tells Jack that he can't get a rescue signal out to Naomi's ship on her satellite phone because Rousseau's old distress call is blocking the signal. He tells Jack that they need to go to the radio tower to turn it off. Juliet intervenes, explaining that it would make no difference, as Ben has been blocking transmissions from the Island, using an underwater DHARMA station called the Looking Glass. She mentions that she has no idea where it is, prompting Sayid to comment that he thinks he might know.

It's now looking as if Juliet might not be deceiving everyone. She really seems to want to help the Losties!

Desmond explained to Charlie that he has had another premonition where Claire and Aaron get into a helicopter and leave the island. Charlie at first does not understand how this can be bad, but Desmond explains that for this to happen, Charlie must drown after "flicking a switch next to a yellow light" in a hatch.

Sayid notes that the station is connected to mainland by a cable (the one which keeps popping up in various episodes). Juliet tells them that Ben talked of that station but said that it was flooded and deserted after an "accident" occurred. Nevertheless, she has no firsthand knowledge of the place and knows no one who has. Continuing to study the map, Sayid notes that there is a moon pool (for a submarine to access the station), which would be the ideal entrance if someone could dive down there and turn off whatever is jamming the transmissions. Yet, Sayid also coldly admits that, since the entire station is flooded, it would be quite impossible for anyone to hold their breath long enough to go down, execute the plan, and then swim all the way back up alive.
Desmond and Charlie approach the group and hear them talking about swimming to the station. Charlie volunteers himself for the trip.
Jack then decides that they should spend all of their attention on the Others, judging the idea as a suicide mission.
Meanwhile, the rest of the camp searches through plane wreckage to find wire to help rig the dynamite.
Rose and Bernard (they are still there, it seems) tie pieces together. Sun tells Jin about Juliet's tape, on which he heard their names, and she explains about the ultrasound and how the baby is doing well. Jin is happy to hear the news and hugs Sun unaware of Sun's tears once in his embrace.

The group is soon interrupted by the arrival of
Karl, who lands at the shore.. After Sayid initially attacks him, Sawyer insists they listen to him as had been caged with them, and Karl explains that the Others are going to attack tonight as opposed to tomorrow. A brief flashback shows events from six hours ago. Alex sees Ben coming back from visiting Jacob, appearing agitated. She asks about Locke, and Ben coldly gives the gun that she gave John back to her. Richard shows up to ask what happened and Ben tells him that they're going to move to the camp now because Jacob wanted it to happen now. Richard begins to ask, "Did John see...?" to which Ben only says that Locke had an accident, leaving Richard without words. Ben orders Pryce to prepare his team and leave as soon as possible, making their attack that night rather than the following night. Upon hearing the news, Alex runs to Karl, who has been hiding away from the camp, and tells him to warn the survivors immediately. When Karl is hesitant, she reminds him that "Ford and Austen" saved his life, and that he owes them this. Karl says that if he's caught Alex's father will kill him this time, but Alex questions if Ben is really her father at all. Karl takes the outrigger, upon Alex's instruction, along the coast of the island to the beach camp of the Losties, allowing him to get there before Pryce.

The Losties now decide that they will shoot the explosive from a distance as they haven't enough wire. The shooters (Sayid, Jin and Bernard) will stay behind whilst all the others go to the radio tower. Charlie and Desmond's plan is to go to the Looking Glass. Hurley tried to go with them, but Charlie knew that he couldn't. He told Hurley that he wouldn't fit on the boat. Hurley is offended and Charlie gives him a hug.

On the canoe Charlie gives Desmond his Greatest Hits list. Desmond offers to trade places with Charlie, suggesting that perhaps the flashes mean that he is meant to die in Charlie's place, and Charlie seems to agree. When Desmond turns his back, however, Charlie knocks him out with a paddle, weighs himself down, and dives into the water. As he descends deep into the ocean and approaches the Looking Glass, Charlie begins to struggle for air. He manages to find the moon pool and swims toward it. Instead of a flooded room, however, he enters a pressurized chamber, which is not flooded at all. Charlie gasps for air, and climbs over the side onto the flooring, yelping with happiness that he's alive. He's not dead after all! But then two angry looking women with guns run straight at him! What's going on?!

So it's all set for the Season Three finale next week!

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