Wednesday, 9 May 2007

PSLN Steering Group Meeting

Our half-termly steering group meeting for our Primary Strategy Learning Network took place today in Berkeley School.

As well as other things, we looked into setting up Virtual Learning Platforms for our schools. Apparently all pupils must have access to a VLP by 2008. (It seems this memo must have missed me!) A member of our steering group has been involved in a Cheshire trial of Uniservity and he recommends it highly. Once the new school opens, I plan to look into how we can build a VLP for our children. I am concerned that this might make our school website obsolete, but I think this will be good to keep up as our 'Public' communication, whilst our VLP will be our private communication.

I also intend to plan a football tournament for Years 2 and 3 to help build relationships between the schools.

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