Wednesday, 16 May 2007

SATs Reading Test

Wednesday of the SATs week... It's the Reading Test...

This is the one we spend all year preparing for with our book study homework...

I always think that if the children had all day to complete this test they'd do really well. Most of the questions are 'do-able'. The difficult thing is the short amount of time. 15 minutes to read the whole booklet and 45 minutes to answer over 30 questions is not very long.

This year the booklet was all about Pompeii. One child said afterwards that she found it easy because she'd visited Pompeii before. Other children said they'd enjoyed it because it was interesting reading about volcanoes. On the whole the children said it wasn't too bad.

Once again this year, the SATs English papers appeared to have been geared towards boys, and the subject matter seemed to appeal to boys in particular.

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