Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Apprentice 2007 Episode 9 'Feeling The Strain'

Not the best performances from any of the candidates this week. The task involved selling to trade, and apparently, a lot of the candidates have experience in this area, but it didn't show.

The teams had to pick a country with three unique products to sell. They then had to sell the products to trade. They would be fined if they didn't sell all three items or are late back to the boardroom.

Tre became leader of Eclipse and they chose Sweden with their selection of wheat-stuffed, heated soft toys, an air-purifier and vacuum nozzle products. Tre took Simon to the product debrief with Sweden, sending Lohit and a homesick Jadine back to the house. Lohit and Jadine made one appointment as Jadine was hopelessly in tears. After appearing like quite a hard woman she showed she has a real sensitive side. Lohit and Jadine sold a few items during the next day including getting an order for the most expensive item, the air-purifying lamp which makes them late for the boardroom. Tre and Simon sold items, but it was hilarious watching them bicker as they strolled up and down streets trying to peddle the items to retailers.

Katie became Stealth Project Manager to try and prove Sir Alan's 'Loser' tag wrong. The girls pick Canada and set out to pitch a portable light therapy lamp, sports inner soles and a rug-in-a-box to retailers. With no appointments made, they spend the morning on the phone. It pays off, as by lunchtime they've taken orders for their inner soles and portable lights. With just their rug-in-a-box, which Katie clearly finds totally distasteful, the girls focus on getting orders.

Back in the boardroom it is announced that Eclipse brought home £1344.29 and Stealth, £2226.59. Katie Hopkins won. The girls' luck turned around and they skipped off to Selfridges for a personal shopping experience.

Tre's team faced Sir Alan in the boardroom. 'You cocked it up', spat Sir Alan. 'How can you go out like a headless chickens in the market?', he asked them, demanding to know why no appointments had been made. It was a tough call for Sir Alan. Tre had 'messed up big time' but he was giving him another chance as he'd been a big contributor in the previous seven tasks. After questioning whether Lohit had the 'killer instinct' he's looking for in his apprentice, he turned to Jadine.

With regret he said the dreaded words, 'you're fired'. Showing a rare flash of sympathy for the go-getter Jadine, who'd climbed her way up the 'greasy pole', Sir Alan praised her for getting this far in the competition and wished her good luck.

It was a real shame to see Jadine collapse like this. She had potential and Sir Alan showed that he thought she did too with his sympathetic firing.

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