Friday, 11 May 2007

Moving House Part 12

This is it!

We've finally moved! What a day!

I went into school early in the morning in order to teach the last English and Maths lessons. In the final lessons before SATs I let the children look through old papers and give them chance to ask questions. I think the lesson helps to put their minds at ease before the weekend.

As soon as it was 12 o'clock I was on the road back to Station Road. We had to sit around for a while before we got the call to say that we could move. With lots of helpers we were able to unload quite quickly. The final visit to Station Road saw us collect appliances like the fridge and freezer, and then that was it - Goodbye Station Road, with all the hassle of builders stealing land, negotiating land exchanges, two floods and most of all our annoying noisy neighbours (on one side)... Hello Alderton Grove!

We sat in and watched Peep Show. We were both exhausted.

There's a lot to do in the new house - more decorating than we realised. But it will all the worth it - the house is fabulous!

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